ALKIN has been manufacturing high pressure air compressors since 1990. Production activities take place in Izmir Turkey and New Jersey. Today our products appeal to different sectors, we offer fast, high quality service and our recognition in domestic and foreign markets is rising. Alkin Compressor is a leading high pressure air compressor manufacturer in the world for designing scuba compressors, paintball compressors, airgun compressors, fill stations and purifying systems.
What makes Alkin better?
  • Over 25 years of experince manufacturing HP Air Compressors.
  • High quality materials.
  • The latest technology and design.
  • 2 years warranty on every unit and parts.
  • The lowest RPM in HP air compressor market.​
  • ​​Parts and servicing availability with same day service.
  • Practical designs for self-servicing clients.
  • 24/7 Customer support line.
  • Affordable prices for units of all sizes.


  1. Compressor for the British Thai cave rescuers

    Alkin has ensured that (some) future cave rescue logistics are easier for British Cave Rescue Council cave divers.

    We all know that the Tham Luang cave rescue was highly successful. What is less well known is that there were a number of logistical difficulties along the way for the British divers.

    Logistical difficulties
    When Rob Harper, Rick Stanton and John Volanthen arrived at Tham Luang cave after having flown overnight from the United Kingdom, they found the site in utter chaos. Stanton and Volanthen decided that they should conduct a reconnaissance dive to get a better understanding of the situation.                                                                                    Read More>>

  2. We recently launched our new product, Alkin HW 1500 Water cooled HP air compressor for Military and Naval applications.
    HW 1500 can deliver 50 CFM air with 4000 PSI air pressure. Compressor's cooling system is designed as an open without circulating fresh or sea water and controlled by a thermostat to maintain the air temperature. 
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